November 16, 2019

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Presenting Vailulu

Presenting Vailulu

Band: Louis Saldenah Mas K Club
Theme: The Deep
Section Leader: Bryant Sinanan ( KRAZYTRAIN Carnival)
Section: VAILULU ( The UnderWater Volcano)
Colours: Yellow, Orange, Turquoise and Gold

Section Description:
Our section represents the eruption of the the volcano. Blending the colours of Yellow and Orange to depict the flames and fury. And jewels of Turquoise in colour representing the water.

Wings attached with airbrushed Flames rising from beneath.
Coins attaches to the Bra and belt. No meaning just visual effect. Plus it make a nice sound when you “chippin down de road…” lol

Vailulu’u is a volcanic seamount, not discovered until 1975, which rises 4200 m from the sea floor to a depth of 590 m about one-third of the way between Ta’u and Rose islands at the eastern end of the American Samoas.

The basaltic seamount, is considered to mark the current location of the Samoan Hotspot. The summit of Vailulu’u contains a 2-km wide, 400-m deep oval-shaped caldera. Two principal rift zones extend east and west from the summit, parallel to the trend of the Samoan hot spot, and a third less prominent rift extends southeast of the summit.

The rift zones and escarpments produced by mass wasting phenomena give the sea mount a star-shaped pattern. On July 10, 1973, explosions from Vailulu’u were recorded by SOFAR (hydrophone records of underwater acoustic signals). An earthquake swarm in 1995 may have been related to an eruption from the sea mount. Turbid water above the summit shows evidence of ongoing hydro-thermal plume activity. Evidence released in 2006 suggest that Vailulu’u may breach the surface of the ocean and officially become an island during this century

Costume Prices & Contact Information:
Costumes Price: $145.00 Female $135.00 Male
Female Options: Bikini Bottoms or Shorts
Include: Costume, Lunch and Non-Alcoholic Drinks ( All day)

Contact Bryant at
Phone: 416 450-0503

Mas Camp Address:
1530 Birchmount Rd
(Just South of Ellesmere)
Entrance on Burcana Rd.
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 2G9
Web Site:

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