June 16, 2019

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Review #2 Concierge service – TheCarnivalConnection (TCC)

Review #2 Concierge service – TheCarnivalConnection (TCC)

This was my third carnival in Trinidad as a foreigner, but the first time I was taking people from abroad with me, and since I was coming with one carnival newbie, I thought to myself that I should better get some organisation behind the band registration, the tickets for the fetes, the transport in Trinidad and the accommodation otherwise the whole experience would become a nightmare.
So I decided that I’d try a concierge service at least for the band registration in summer 2011. At first I sent an email to two concierges I spot on TCD’s page. The first one to reply was TheCarnivalConnection with precise and detailed emails and the form I had to fill in. My choice was done and I would not regret it.We both got all registered in the same section (with receipts and all…) which was a pretty good start.
Then my crew size suddenly increased by two but the band was already “trying” to be sold out, so we had to look for another band. TCC sorted us all out with “panache” and sold the two costumes we had registered already.
TCC told me she could also provide us with tickets and transport for the fetes (via her associate Trinicabby) and even find us the accommodation. Needless to say that the whole thing worked like a charm (She even booked us the tickets for the ferry on Ash Wednesday).
One of us was arriving 5 hours earlier than the others at the airport. I personally didn’t care that much and told him to bring his ipod lol but TCC and Trinicabby took him in charge at the airport so he wouldn’t feel the waiting!
We received all our fete tickets in an envelope when we arrived. The transport to all the fetes was pretty good and very convenient (You can drink and don’t have to think about driving back home).The prices that TCC charges were very good for the services she provided us with. Tcc’s emails are always friendly and her responsiveness is unmatched which is critical since people definitely don’t stick when carnival is involved.
I must say I was VERY impressed and I will definitely use TCC again next year
Big up to TheCarnivalConnection ! (from the French team 😉 )

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