July 21, 2019

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School Fetes Sqaure Off…………

School Fetes Sqaure Off…………

There will be an all-inclusive show down on January 12th 2008 when both Bishops High School and CIC College both host their annual Carnival fetes.

Right now CIC is cheaper AND they have Machel, score one for the saints:



When: Saturday 12th January, 2008
Time: 4pm – 12 midnight
Where: Hilarians’ Courtyard, Hasely Crawford National Stadium, Port of Spain
(This change in venue was necessary because of repairs being done at the school)
Bands: Roy Cape, Atlantik featuring Destra, Kes The Band. There will also be a popular DJ and guest performers.
Cost: General Admission – $500
Champagne Lounge – $750
There will be a large variety of food and drink (inclusive of cocktail and wine bars) available.

On another note is it just me but are the fetes starting at $500.00 next year? I could have sworn the prices were a tad cheaper for 2007……. now I am looking at $1000.00 for me and the hubby to attend ONE fete.. madness I tell you!

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