November 16, 2019

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Spice in the News

Spice in the News

Today’s Trinidad Guardian features an article on the “all female” band SPICE and seems as if the media launch is TOMORROW at Zen.. great..!

Women Add Spice to Carnival
Female Executive at helm of new Mas Band

Anya Elias, executive member of the all-female mas band Spice, is all smiles for the camera. Photo: Dilip Singh

By Cherisse Moe

It has been said that Carnival is all about women and now that saying has become literal. There is now a new Carnival band on the scene called Spice, which is run exclusively by the fairer sex.

“The band is produced and managed by females. We take care of everything from top to bottom, from the concept to the production, we are in charge,” said executive band member Anya Elias.

The executive team is made up of nine women, whose ages range from early 20’s to early 30’s. The identities of Elias’ eight sisters-in-mas is being kept a well-guarded secret until a reality TV show on the band premieres.

While Spice is set to come out for Carnival 2009, Elias made it clear that they are not trying to compete with the other established large bands.

“We try to marry the traditional intangible values of Carnival with fresh faces, concepts and ideas. However, we realise that we are not coming into the market as number one,” noted the Tobago native. “We want to live up to the standards that Tribe and Island People have set.

“A lot of new bands are trying to attack and compete with other bands. We are not doing that. We just realise there is a market and we are tapping into it.”

An idea becomes reality

So, how did such a brilliant idea materialise? Well, according to Elias, it began with a simple conversation among friends.

“My friends and I were just talking and the ideas began to flow. We started to play around with names and came up with all sorts of different things and then we came up with Spice and we just ran with it,” the Roytec graduate said excitedly.

Woman is boss

“Carnival is all about women. We decide what fetes to go to, we decide what costumes are hot and we decide what music to listen to. Every woman is the face of Carnival,” articulated Elias as she explained the idea to have an executive team comprising only women.

Elias did admit, however, that while women were at the forefront of the band, there were a few men involved…in the background. “We do have male involvement, but it’s the women who basically run the show.

She continued: “We also teamed up with a lot of business people so we have the business aspect of it as well. We tried to put together the perfect team.”

Something for everyone

Fellas, have no fear this band does cater to you as well!

“Our band is for everybody, irrespective of gender, size, colour and age,” said Elias. “We want to show the true colours of T&T. Carnival is supposed to be a presentation and we should be proud to showcase it to the world.”

The ball is rolling

Elias said Spice is coming along great and is roaring and ready to go for C2K9.

“We will be ready for Carnival and all is going well so far. We even got an offer to do a reality show based on the concept of an all-female mas band,” she stated.

Masqueraders choosing to play in Spice can look forward to “a show on the road.”

She said: “We are going to give masqueraders what they want.

“Spice is the best recipe for Carnival. People can expect one hundred per cent flavour for C2K9 and nothing less.”

Spice has scheduled an official media launch tomorrow at Club Zen, Keate Street, Port-of Spain.

Some of the sections in Spice include:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Sea Salt
  • Garden of Sage
  • Meditteranean Borage

The headpiece for the section named Sea Salt, designed by Richard Anthony Productions & Concepts.

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