November 12, 2019

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St. Lucia Carnival – Taboo Carnival presents Cosmos – The Costume Collection

St. Lucia Carnival – Taboo Carnival presents Cosmos – The Costume Collection

The Cardinals

The Cardinals! Aries and Taurus are literally and figuratively the heads-of-the-pack. They lead the way, while others follow. The Cardinals make great leaders given their persistence and perseverance – whether aggressively or ecstatically. Though the two zodiac signs are of opposing polarities and share few similar traits, it is their complete differences that make them fit for collaborating as leaders. The costumes depict the head-strung signs by the extremely elaborate head and neck pieces. The colors of the feathers and gems also reflect the birthstones and natural elements associated with the signs. The fabric used captures the effects of a flickering flame, which alludes to the burning desire of each to succeed in their endeavours.

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  • Aries
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The Wishful Doers

“Star light; Star bright; Catch the wish I wish tonight;
Wish I may; Wish I might; Catch the wish I wish tonight.”

The Wishful Doers!!! Not only are Aquarius and Pisces naturally optimist personalities, but they go out of their way to carry out good deeds. Aquarius personalities find pleasure in service and attending to those needing help, while Pisces, are infamous for their wishful thinking. Pisces dream constantly of a utopic world, which they describe best through their artistic expressions (that influences others to do good deeds and maintain peace). The costumes place emphasis on the feet and calves as it is the physical strengths of these constellations. The gems reflect the birthstones of each sign, while the feathers allude to water sprouting at the feet of the water signs. The fabric used is textured and gives the allusion of scaled fish – the infamous reference for the water signs.

  • The Wishful Doers 1
  • The Wishful Doers 15
  • The Wishful Doers 14
  • The Wishful Doers 13
  • The Wishful Doers 12
  • The Wishful Doers 11
  • The Wishful Doers 10
  • The Wishful Doers 9
  • The Wishful Doers 8
  • The Wishful Doers 7
  • The Wishful Doers 6
  • The Wishful Doers 5
  • The Wishful Doers 4
  • The Wishful Doers 3
  • The Wishful Doers 2

The Brave Hearts

The Brave Hearts! Whether man or beast, civilized or barbaric, the one thing that Gemini and Leo signs have in common is their unconditional bravery and inherent urge to take advantage of the extraordinary. The two signs have concentrated strength in their spine, arms and chest. These strengths have always been linked to their resilient and unapologetic personalities. Gemini whose strength is in the functioning and coordination of the arms and chest are witty masters of communication. As such, Gemini’s can be deliberately deceptive and manipulative to get what they want out of a situation. Leo’s have incredible strength in their spine and are never afraid to fight for what they want. Either way, Leo’s always get what they want, which is everything luxurious and of the greatest value. The gemstones reflect the birth stones of the signs. The shoulders and spine of the costumes are adorned with green and golden armor which is the associated color of Gemini and Leo. The feathers uses are specifically cut to allude to the wild fur of a strong and brave lion-king.

  • The Brave Hearts 1
  • The Brave Hearts
  • The Brave Hearts 13
  • The Brave Hearts 12
  • The Brave Hearts 11
  • The Brave Hearts 10
  • The Brave Hearts 9
  • The Brave Hearts 8
  • The Brave Hearts 7
  • The Brave Hearts 6
  • The Brave Hearts 5
  • The Brave Hearts 4
  • The Brave Hearts 3
  • The Brave Hearts 2

The Adventurers

The Adventurers! The stars align to depict these symbolic animal-hybrids. Sagittarius, the centaur was the amazing archer and mythical son of a Greek god. Capricorn the mountain sea-goat was a Sumerian god of magic and creation. In their bizarre forms, Sagittarius and Capricorn prove their strength by their ability to survive in impractical living conditions. Sagittarius and Capricorn do not desire to settle into the norm. Rather, once situations become too comfortable, they maneuver their way again to unfamiliar territory and challenge themselves to grow succeed. These signs have the precise attribute needed by mankind to grow, as they always step out of their comfort zone. The colors purple and yellow represent the characteristic colors of each sign. The bows and arrows also symbolize the strong centaur, which the bandaged thigh and armored knee represent the high risk of attacks in unfamiliar territory for the unique personalities. The costume designs are concentrated in the thigh and knees which is the strongest parts of the adventurers and necessary in their continued desire for mobility and moving towards change.

  • The Adventurers 1
  • The Adventurers
  • The Adventurers 15
  • The Adventurers 14
  • The Adventurers 13
  • The Adventurers 12
  • The Adventurers 11
  • The Adventurers 10
  • The Adventurers 9
  • The Adventurers 8
  • The Adventurers 7
  • The Adventurers 6
  • The Adventurers 5
  • The Adventurers 4
  • The Adventurers 3
  • The Adventurers 2

The Passionates

The Passionates!!! From the same polarity, to similar traits, Cancer and Scorpio prove to be two of the most compatible signs. Both constellations are emotional, sensitive, and empathic. This soft characteristics by no means suggests that they are coward. In fact, they are aggressive and claw at others who seem to be an immediate attack to their beliefs, aspirations and loved ones. Whether they act out of love or hatred, Cancer and Scorpios make it their ambitions to protect and also adore all things that their hearts desire. The black and red represent the two extremes of passion – one alludes to fiery love and the other, to flaming rage. The transparent costume reflects the simplicity, openness and clear ways in which Cancer and Scorpio express their emotions to others. The outline of the stars across the genitalia and bosom symbolize the strong points of the signs. The passion of Cancers and Scorpios has been crucial in repopulating the world, as much as it has been instrumental causing war and loss of lives.

  • The Passionates – In Love & War 1
  • The Passionates – In Love & War
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 12
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 11
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 10
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 9
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 8
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 7
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 6
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 5
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 4
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 3
  • The Passionates – In Love & War 2

The Pride & Prejudice

The pride and prejudice!!! Virgo and Libra have always been symbols of purity and morality. Though they are polar opposites Virgo and Libra are both ranked at positive symbols of society. Virgo reflects the great virgin of humility and meekness. While Libra reflects the honest and virtuous hero who seeks to maintain social order. Wherever these constellations go, order and moral standards are sure to be established. The costumes are white, teal and beige which are the symbolic colors of the star signs. The wings and halo-crown further emphasizes the purity of the signs. The gladiator sandals and armored or chained waist pieces emphasize the authority over social norms that Libra possess. With an inherent strength in their torsos, detailed emphasis was made to the waist pieces.

  • The Pride & Prejudice 1
  • The Pride & Prejudice
  • The Pride & Prejudice 15
  • The Pride & Prejudice 14
  • The Pride & Prejudice 13
  • The Pride & Prejudice 12
  • The Pride & Prejudice 11
  • The Pride & Prejudice 10
  • The Pride & Prejudice 9
  • The Pride & Prejudice 8
  • The Pride & Prejudice 7
  • The Pride & Prejudice 6
  • The Pride & Prejudice 5
  • The Pride & Prejudice 4
  • The Pride & Prejudice 3
  • The Pride & Prejudice 2

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