August 18, 2019

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TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Jeremy Tai Chew

TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Jeremy Tai Chew

Jeremy Tai Chew

Name – Jeremy Tai Chew           

DOB – May 5th 1988

Profession – hmm, well a bit of everything lol, I studied culinary, I do personal training part time and I’m also into real estate, working in my aunt’s brokerage, other than that I do events as well

When did you start off your modelling career? – I would say about 2009 when Anya Ayoung Chee pushed me to do fashion week, after that I never looked back.


Who/What inspires you to become a better at your craft?   just try to keep fit and basically do me 😛

What are your diet and fitness routines like in order to maintain your physique?—well I try to live my lifestyle as a warrior, I train a lot, I eat well (everything in moderation) and I try to get enough rest (although I believe I am so lacking in that aspect)

What genre/s of music do you enjoy listening to the most while working out?— usually its between house and hip hop, on rare occasions I may throw a lil rock in there.


Who is your favourite Soca Artist (Male/Female)? I would have to say my favourite soca artist would be Ian Alvarez, he just has that vibe and energy that pumps me up, apart from that he is a personal friend and one of the most down to earth soca artists (in my opinion) and no Fay Ann I didn’t forget you, you’re cool too wuss but you just don’t play as much video games as your husband 😛

vikings meet hakwais

Band launching season is right around the corner, which band/s are you excited to see launch?—well I’m actually excited to see what everyone brings to the table each year, Tribe especially as I play with them every year.

Which band launch runway will you grace this season?—who knows 😛 you may see me in some, may see me in all LOL!!

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced backstage in preparation for taking the stage?—the craziest thing I’ve seen has got to be in Tribe’s band launch, a guy had a boner walking on….covers face, not calling any names 😛  Other than that its always pretty hyped behind the scenes so it always gets crazy.

Which band do you enjoy modelling for the most? I like to do all the bands, I guess who ever feeds me the best that year gets the award 😛 alco included

face black

Do you think models are paid enough to model costumes at band launches? Ummm not really no, I think just bands need to step up their game a bit.

Being one of the more popular faces in the modelling scene does this give you home court advantage against the newbies? Well I wouldn’t say that, I think it’s what you bring to the table, you gotta be comfortable in front all those people and just have fun, a lot of newbies as you would call em get nervous I guess but ey once that goes and their vibe is up I think they would always get the call back.

Is there a signature move you do on the runway especially for Carnival to try and ” sell the costume” to the audience? LOL covers face I just try to be exactly how I would be on the road, which means in a nutshell I am the baddess ting on that stage.



What advice would you give to someone seeking to become a model, especially in the carnival fraternity?—especially when it comes to carnival bands, work on your body, bring your snake oil and your A game, find out about castings and you should be ok.

Which band are you playing with for Carnival 2014?—me and my hakwai clan will with TRIBE  C2K14!


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