June 16, 2019

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TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Miki Augustine

TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Miki Augustine

Miki Augustine
Photo Credit – Framephotography

Name – Makeisha A Augustine (Miki)

DOB/Age – jeez.. Haha 28/8/83.. I’m almost 30.

Profession – Life Insurance professional (no I’m not in sales)

When did you start off your modelling career? I started in 2003.

What do you do apart from modelling?

I work full time, enrolled in UWI’S Evening University, and I spend as much time as I can reading, watching every episode of Criminal Minds that I can find and loving up my nephew.

What are your diet and fitness routines like in order to maintain your physique?

You’re gonna think I’m lying….but apart for 5 or 6 visits to the gym in January 2013, I’ve not been in gym for more than 7yrs. I also don’t “diet”. I eat when I’m hungry, until I’m full, and whatever I feel for… That usually means I eat every 2.5-3hrs. I must say though, I don’t enjoy sweet treats or wheat products, prefer fish over red meat/poultry and I LOVE fruits and salad… So no matter how much I eat, I don’t have much of a problem…

miki augustine 7
Photo Credit – Framephotography

What genre/s of music do you enjoy listening to the most while working out?

When I do dust off the p90x, I put on my Machel cd… (It has every song from Too Young To Soca to Advantage lol)

Band launching season is right around the corner, which band/s are you excited to see launch?

Fantasyyyyy and TRIBE!! 

Which band launch runway will you grace this season?

So far I’ve been confirmed for Fantasy. Pretty sure I’m doing IPMas as well, and I’m considering Yuma and Tribe…

ip launch
Photo Credit – Lime.tt

How many hours does it take you to get ready for a launch?

If you count the rehearsal days, about a week. Lol. On the actual day, the female models arrive between noon and 2pm (show time is usually closer to midnight) during that time the models are prepped: spray tan/air-brushing, hair, makeup and a final rehearsal if there’s time and getting dressed!

What is the best costume you’ve ever modelled?

I think my favourite of all I’ve done thus far has been Fantasy’s Xultan frontline last year. LOVED the use of metal, and that headpiece and backpack were beautiful!

miki fantasy
Photo Credit – VCD

Is there a ranking system as to who gets to wear a Frontline and Backline costume or does the model choose their costume?

Haha! Okay, the models don’t get to pick. The designer may have a fav that they’d love to showcase their frontline and individual costumes. However, generally, the frontline costumes are modelled by the taller girls, or alternately, the ones with the best stage presence. That would include the ones whose bodies make you say WOW!!! Or the ones who have an amazing walk, or have fun on the stage…

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced backstage in preparation for taking the stage?

Hahaha! Being in one place for 12hrs seems to bring out some crazy behaviour. I’ve seen naps stolen on top of and under tables. Lol. I’ve seen a model go diva on a designer talking about “do you know who I am???” I generally find a corner with a book and iPod.

Miki Augustine 3
Photo Credit – Photogeo Capture

Which band do you enjoy modelling for the most?

I’ve LOVED my Island People launches. Their commitment to creativity in their presentations has made rehearsals pretty interesting! I always have a good time.

Do you get any unwanted attention from male fans and how do you handle it?

*sigh* I have been sent some messages on Facebook that were so outrageous I just had to laugh. And click “block”. If it’s just a compliment, I say thank you, and keep it moving. A couple times though, my hot mouth showed itself…

Miki Island People
Photo Credit – Brassbamboo

Do you think models are paid enough to model costumes at band launches?

For the number of hours worked, and the value a model places on the product for which the band charges thousands each, nope! Bands launch with live models because WE bring the costume to life. We show potential clients how it should look, and would look on their body. We sell the costume. If we didn’t, they’d place them on mannequins and snap some shots and that would be that.

Is there a signature move you do on the runway especially for Carnival to try and “sell the costume” to the audience?

I believe the reason I’ve been booked for so many band launches is because I have fun in whatever costume I’m placed in. It’s Carnival! The Runway walk and meanie face isn’t always appropriate, and I believe people connect better when you do in the costume what SHOULD BE DONE in a costume (without dropping on de grong haha)

Miki Fantasy
Photo Credit – Fantasy Carnival

What advice would you give to someone seeking to become a model, especially in the carnival fraternity?

ESPECIALLY for band launches: get your body right!! Being pretty isn’t gonna cut it on a ramp in a barely-there costume. Practice your walk, take care of your skin, and get in the know! Many bands now have closed screenings, so find somebody who knows somebody who knows what’s up! 😉

Which band are you playing with for Carnival 2014?

Hmmmmmm…. I am as yet undecided… I have a strong feeling I’m going back to my roots for 2014, though. 😉

Miki Augustine 2
Photo Credit – Framephotography & Christian Boucaud Designs

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