June 16, 2019

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TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Nina Menevida

TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Nina Menevida


Name – “Nina Menevida”

DOB/Age – “27.04.1982/31”

Profession – “Sales and Business Development Director at Newtechbody”

When did you start off your modelling career? “Back in the day I used to participate in runway shows and tradeshows as a model and hostess in Frankfurt City. As a carnival model I started off in St Lucia in 2009 for Red Unlimited and after that I did launches in Canada and then Trinidad.”

What do you do apart from modelling?
“I am the Sales and Business Development Director at Newtechbody, a UK based distributor of a brandnew machine made in Germany for facial anti-wrinkle treatment and fat reduction in the most difficult areas of the body. Everyone who keeps fit and especially carnival revelers know which parts I am talking about…muffin tops, love handles, banana roll… They gotta go! So when exercising isn’t enough and people have at least 2” of fat to pinch between two fingers, the Easygo machine targets the fat cells with ultrasound waves and melts the stubborn fat depots away! I tried it myself for the first time 2 months ago and it is a pain free and amazing way to sculpt your body.

We are planning to launch this machine worldwide and will are planning to reach Trinidad by end of this year 🙂  I will send an invite to the launch for sure.

I am also the representative for Carnivalista sparkly skin coloured fishnet tights in the Caribbean (info@carnivalista.com).

Nina 2

What are your diet and fitness routines like in order to maintain your physique?

“When I prepare for a launch, photo shoot or carnival in general I eat very clean. No fried food, no pasta, no rice, no bread. I love to eat a lot though so I am trying to eat looooots of vegetables and meat only once a week. Fish 1-2 times a week. I try to stay away from dairy as well and substitute with almond milk or rice milk. Oats and also beans and lentils are a great way to feel full for a long time without consuming bad carbs and empty calories. I try to tell myself during those times “food is for nutrition and not for taste” lol…so sugar and salt are banned during this phase also. I train up to 5 times a week in the gym for 1.5 hrs usually a mix of cardio and weightlifting. I don’t like getting bored so I tend to switch it up and  join gym classes like group power, spinning, kick boxing and also do DVD exercises like P90X and Insanity. I wouldn’t follow their full programs and just select the classes I like the most.”

What genre/s of music do you enjoy listening to the most while working out?

“I am really into aggressive and vulgar hip hop when lifting weights (old stuff like DMX, Juvenile, Noreaga…) and also epic music (like the soundtrack for 300). For cardio I prefer up-tempo electro house (like the Daft Punk Tron – Legacy Soundtrack).”

Band launching season is right around the corner, which band/s are you excited to see launch?

“Tribe, Bliss, Fantasy and Spice. In general I also love to check out the costumes from smaller islands because there is an obvious improvement every year in terms of look and quality of costumes”

Nina 006

Which band launch runway will you grace this season?

“ In Trinidad I am exclusive with the amazingly talented Solange Shaw-Gopaul for Tribe.”

How many hours does it take you to get ready for a launch?

“That’s kind of hard to answer because as a model you have super long waiting times backstage. If you calculate the time for make-up, hair and getting dressed with all the necessary adjustments before the stage show I would say probably 2.5-3 hrs. But as said usually we are already at the venue between  6-7 hours before the show starts.

What is the best costume you’ve ever modelled?

“Jezebel” –Individual for Tribe’s “Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal”. The wings were spectacular and the colours breath taking.”

Nina 3

Is there a ranking system as to who gets to wear a Frontline and Backline costume or does the model choose their costume?

“I don’t usually have a say what I am wearing. Depending on where I am modelling it is either the band or the designer making this decision”

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced backstage in preparation for taking the stage?

“I must say so far all launches I have done were rather civilized. After a few launches you get used to the potpourri of exposed boobies and butt cheeks squeezed into a tiny dressing room and 3-4 people working on you with needles, scissors, glitter and bronzer at the same time. What a lot of people don’t know is that most of the costumes we are wearing on stage are not even our size. Always an interesting challenge to squeeze D-cup boobies in a B-size wirebra ;-)”

Which band do you enjoy modelling for the most?                 

“I am obsessed with Trinidad. The vibe, the excitement and the people are unique, so I must say Tribe for me because I loved the energy at the launch and the show they put on.”

Nina 5

Do you get any unwanted attention from male fans and how do you handle it?

“If I have any they are reeeal quiet! I don’t get much feedback from men to be honest, it is more female revelers who support me and comment on the show and my performance. Getting compliments from women means a lot.”

Do you think models are paid enough to model costumes at band launches?

“Every band I worked with has different packages in place. So this is hard for me to answer…if I wasn’t happy with my package I wouldn’t do it.

But more money is never a band thing. Gym memberships, whole foods, skin and hair care products etc don’t come for free.”

nina 89

Is there a signature move you do on the runway especially for Carnival to try and “sell the costume” to the audience?

“I just try to be natural and have a good time on stage just like I would have on the road.

Wearing a beautiful costume is great but I need to show it is actually possible to move and whine in it without anything popping out. That is always important for female revelers to know that they can look amazing without being worried about exposing too much. Body parts need to stay in place especially in wire bras and thong bottoms. “

Nina 9

What advice would you give to someone seeking to become a model, especially in the carnival fraternity?

Carnival launches are quite different to catwalk fashion shows. Being stiff and serious is for the latter. Presenting a costume on stage is all about having fun, bringing energy  to the stage and giving it your personal touch: enjoy yourself and work the costume…use the wings, move around to show the movement of the feathers of your back piece etc…make eye contact to people in the audience, smile at them and capture the attention. Give them the feeling that being in this section will be the ultimate bacchanal experience. It is also important to attend the rehearsal and pay attention to the choreographer. It can be quite challenging to wear a 6’ wide costume and not to recall how and where to exit the stage. Traffic jam! And also: don’t take yourself too seriously, cracking jokes backstage is the best way not to get too nervous. Even the prettiest model can be ugly if she has an awful attitude.

 Which band are you playing with for Carnival 2014?

“Which band rhymes with VIBE? ;-)”


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