June 16, 2019

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TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Russell Wilkinson

TCD Exclusive Interview: BEST Band Launch Bodies – Russell Wilkinson

Russell Wilkinson

Name – Russell Wilkinson

DOB/Age – 22-10-84    28yrs

Profession – Stores clerk / Sales Exec /Model

When did you start off your modelling career?

2005 but it really started rolling after Synergy TV supermodel in 2006

Who/What inspires you to become a better at your craft?

Actors I know it’s general  but there’s  a lot of Actors I like but Will Smith and Johnny Depp to name a few

Russell Wilkinson 6

What do you do apart from modelling?

I work at Wasa and Scorch and I also started a business with my friend.

What are your diet and fitness routines like in order to maintain your physique?

My diet is pretty much anything I want to eat but I am very picky with meat I only eat chicken/turkey breast, and beef. My fitness routine I work out at least 4 times a week  for 1 ½ to 2 hrs and I play football twice to 4 times a week.

Russell Wilkinson 2

What genre/s of music do you enjoy listening to the most while working out?

It depends weight lifting :- hip hop /Rap , abs or any high intensity movements Soca  or uptempo dance music.

Who is your favourite Soca Artist (Male/Female)?

Damn tryin to put me in place , Bunji Garlin & Double M  female Destra & Patrice

Band launching season is right around the corner, which band/s are you excited to see launch? 

Oh Gosh a next put in place question YUMA & Tribe & Fantasy & I. P I love everybody  you notice what I doing ? LOL


Which band launch runway will you grace this season?

All the heavy hitters LOL

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced backstage in preparation for taking the stage?

Craziest thing I’ve seen backstage hmmmmm I guess the females that just strip down without a care in the world ,yeah I’m used to it and I’m very professional at what I do so I stay in my corner but I jus trying to answer your question, its not that extreme to me but I guess it might be to others

Which band do you enjoy modelling for the most?

Ohhhh Lawd look at what u asking me .. but honestly any Band you see me model for I enjoy  for different reasons and you could tell by my performances .

Russell Wilkinson 3

Do you think models are paid enough to model costumes at band launches?

NO it was really bad before but now I see some have raised the payment also paying us for rehearsal time which is fair. But to let the cat out of the bag I’m not rolling off my bed and leaving my house for anything less than 500 dollars and trust me that’s a very generous rate taking in consideration cost of living and maintaining.

Being one of the more popular faces in the modelling scene does this give you home court advantage against the newbies? 

I guess it does but what a lot of people don’t realise is how serious I take my craft I’m always changing my look and learning on how to make my performance better and Trini models always think its about them. Newsflash its never about you its about the garment you are trying to sell to the public whether it’s a costume, swimwear or apparel and I think that’s what set me and a selective few apart from the others . My Job is to showcase what is given to me to wear or advertise and my designer or client has the peace of mind knowing that I would do that to the best of my ability, aint no half stepping when I do a job.

Russell Wilkinson 4

Is there a signature move you do on the runway especially for Carnival to try and ” sell the costume” to the audience?   

Well Trinis love bachannal and that’s what Carnival is about so I bussing a wine it never fails lol , but is all about vibe with me so whatever vibe I get when I’m on stage I roll with it I’m unpredictable and spontaneous like that.

Russell Wilkinson 7

What advice would you give to someone seeking to become a model, especially in the carnival fraternity?

First and foremost Believe in yourself ,and please I beg of you the circles are all linked Bands, Fashion and Advertising etc so always maintain a good working relationship with whoever hires you cuz networking is very major in modelling.  Its not as easy as it looks so be prepared and I mean my facebook is open to the public so send me a message or something the information I have is to share I’m not the snobby stuck up model type so if u ask advice I will gladly give it . I constantly get asked to get models for gigs and advertising agencies so I have no problem referring people who are interested.     

Which band are you playing with for Carnival 2014?  


Russell WIlkinson 5

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