November 19, 2019

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This is where our crew will be pumping for Carnival 2018! Where will yours be?

We are starting things off literally in the heart of the CITY, fully supporting Hakwai Clan in their second year of hosting CITY Cooler Fete. We are here for creating new feting experiences and of course SPLINTERS!!!

iUp – Soca X Sunrise
We love water, and there is nothing better than soca X sunrise, this wet fete is a staple on our fete calendar for more reason than one. We pumping!

What is better than one wet fete? TWO! We will be doing the double at SOAKA. The adrenaline when Machel hits the stage at dawn is what we’ve been waiting all year for!

Bacchanal Road
Team TCD had the crew with the most vibes at Bacchanal Road 2017 and this year we will be coming again with a BIGGER  flag and a BIGGER crew.

Sunrise Breakfast Party
Fresh from the yard, we LOVE this fete at Jamaica Carnival and our team is looking forward to the debut for Trinidad Carnival 2018.

Revel Nation
The only fete where you can see Machel Montano Exclusively on Carnival Friday night, we are here for this one again. The flag from Bacchanal Road will be making another appearance at this fete!

Soca Brainwash
Everyone knows Private Ryan is TCD’s favorite DJ! Since inception, we’ve been covering and attending Soca Brainwash! It’s the perfect event to dress classy and let loose! We’re leaving our dignity at home for this one.

Jamboree Saturday is a staple on the fete calendar. This year jamboree turns 21 and is bringing light to life with new and exciting additions to enhance our feting experience.

iUp Blocko
New fete for Carnival Sunday and we are looking forward to the culmination of the Carnival fete season, 2018, with this wet breakfast blocko. It’s rumored that Machel Montano will be the featured artist for this event. The perfect climax for our feting season!

On the radar!
Illusions Black 2 Blue

Bishops Fete

UWI Fete

Prime Fete

Prestige All Inclusive

Beach House

Bess Lime Carnival Island

TRIBE Ignite


AM Bush

Candy Coated Cruise

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