December 08, 2019

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The ‘BIG TOP’ expected to be the ‘main event’ at the 2007 CARIBANA parade as CARNIVAL NATIONZ jumps ahead of the pack

The ‘BIG TOP’ expected to be the ‘main event’ at the 2007 CARIBANA parade as CARNIVAL NATIONZ jumps ahead of the pack

The following information is compliments Toronto Lime who have been so kind enough as to keep me updated with Caribana and Carnival Nationz information. What is VERY interesting is that each masquerader who registers with Carnival Nationz has a chance to win a CAR from their sponsor Pontiac, and not just ANY car, but a Solstice Roadster (google it!). Now THAT is what I call an ultimate prize; who cares about tan lines and a party in a Heineken bus when you can win a brand new car; steups?! Way to go Carnival Nationz, excellent way to give back to your masqueraders when you pull on board a big sponsor!

Line up outside mas camp on Saturday
Monday June 4th, 2007 — As expected, a swarm of patrons lined up outside the CARNIVAL NATIONZ Mas Camp on Saturday afternoon to get first dibs on costumes by the CARIBANA favorites. Within hours of opening their doors to the public, three sections were sold out (‘Aerialists’, ‘Cotton Candy’, and ‘Lion Tamers’), plus two others (‘Acrobats’, ‘Jugglers’) are also expected to be at peak over the next few days. Anticipating an early rush, the CARNIVAL NATIONZ crew was well prepared and signed up over 700 masqueraders by the days end.

According to committee member (Bryce Aguiton), several steps have been taken to improve the level of customer service, including the implementation of a custom registration software program and a new state-of-art website. The 2007 website will incorporate full flash animation and creative digital photography, along with a virtual 360° view of each costume (a feature never before seen amongst Carnival websites). The new website developed by Dreamscape Interactive is scheduled to launch on June 13.

In addition to receiving an all-inclusive costume package, each CARNIVAL NATIONZ 2007 registrant is entered into a draw to win a 2007 Pontiac Solstice Roadster from presenting sponsor FOSTER Pontiac Buick GMC. Also available to members is the 2006 CARNIVAL NATIONZ ON THE ROAD DVD. The 2007 version (currently being recorded) will include clips from the opening day, mas building and out-takes leading up the parade. 2006 DVD’s are available for sale at the Mas Camp (533 McNicoll Ave).

For more information on CARNIVAL NATIONZ 2007 presentation “THE BIG TOP”, call 416-676-6504 or visit the Mas Camp at 533 McNicoll Ave (just West of Victoria Park). Registration is available daily and Camp hours are from 7pm-10pm on weekdays and 2pm-6pm on weekends.

Bandleaders Bryce Aguiton, Dwayne Pitt, Curtis Eustace and Marcus Eustace first introduced their mas band ‘CARNIVAL NATIONZ’ in 2005 and produced a masquerade band of over 700 participants. The inaugural presentation of CNz Inc. “This is Paradise” created history by being the only band ever to capture the most coveted Caribana award “Band of the Year” in its very first year. The following year, 2006, Carnival Nationz repeated the feat by successfully defended its “Band of the Year” title with a presentation entitled “V… La Copa Mundial” (celebrating the exploits of the SocaWarriors in Germany 2006). By this time the band had swollen to over 1,200 masqueraders.

The founding members of CARNIVAL NATIONZ combined have over 25 years worth of experience in marketing, targeting and promoting events specifically to the diverse and expanding Caribbean community within the GTA. Previously, this group has demonstrated an extensive track record of success in both small scaled ventures such as club based promotions (at such venues as The Docks; and The Guvernment Entertainment Complex), to large scaled projects that attract thousands of patrons, e.g. Unite de Nations (6,000 people annually on Canada Day @ Markham Fair Grounds).

“Ladies and Gentlemen can I have your attention please… we are about to unleashed a feast for your eyes to see… feats so great it will tickle your every fantasy… so hurry take a seat and ‘WELOME TO THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH… THE BIG TOP” shouts the Carnival Nationz ringer master. The magic of the circus instantaneously brings a smile to all our faces. It is one of those events that no matter your age, the thought of acts like: Acrobats; Lion Tamers; Siberian Tigers; Jugglers; Snake Charmers; Sexy Clowns; Aerialists; and Fire Dancers, plus additional attractions such as Cotton Candy, Gypsies and Wild Indians, conjures up images of some far away mythical land or age. But in 2007… the Carnival Nationz circus is very much a reality that is closer and more accessible to all. The spectacle and fun that are integral components of the circus will come alive on the road this Caribana as the Carnival Nationz circus rolls into town.

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In the world of circus the acrobat is the master of agility, balance and coordination. Short bursts of controlled activity with highly impactful skill mesmerizes the crowd and keeps them longing for more. Watch the feats of mind numbing artistry in the Carnival Nationz Big Top.


Truly part of the quintessential experience of a visit to the circus, this form of spun sugar is worth every last scintillating drop. Watching it spin to perfection… taste so undeniably sweet… pretty in pink… eat ‘til your heart’s content and your belly burst with confectionary pleasures in the Big Top.


Danger… beware… step gently and move slowly… the snake is dancing to the hypnotic rhythm of the snake charmer’s musical repertoire. But don’t be fooled by his mellow appearance, the charmer is in full control of this environment. Watch the snake dance the macabre dance… under the Big Top.


A trail of flames… heat pulsating through their veins… rhythm as graceful as a ballerina… the fire dancer’s movements are precise… unparalleled by any other performer… the weaver of temporary glowing tapestries of artistic splendor. In the Big Top, the fire dancer ignites the masses and has them begging for more…


Throw… flip… twist… juggle. The Juggler with hands of glue and nerves of steel can catch your attention as easily as catch any object thrown their way. Their uncanny ability to manipulate balls, bags, knives, fire sticks and more makes these absorbing characters a fan favourite at the Carnival Nationz circus.


The roar of the King freezes all in their stance… every step in the slow canter of the master of all the animal kingdom is watched anticipatingly with captivated eyes. The Lion… the beast is in the house and pay full attention for at any minute he may attack… save for the skills and imposing nature of the bravest man in the Big Top circus… the Lion Tamer. He controls the beast… he is fearless… he is one of the acts that separates the Carnival Nationz circus from the rest.


Run, trip and fall… jump through hoops… be chased by wild animals… spill drinks and food on unsuspecting patrons…blow balloons into all kinds of unimaginable shapes and figures… the clown’s job is simply to be the master of entertainment. In the Carnival Nationz circus, our sexy clowns will go to all lengths and extremes to ensure that you leave the Big Top in a climactic state of pure euphoria.


One of the original circus acts in the early 1900s, the Wild Indian or Circus Indian was both feared and revered. Skits that included chases, bare-back horse riding tricks and simulations of historic showdowns between cowboys and Indians, became staples on every major circus. In the Carnival Nationz Big Top, we have revived the legend of the Wild Indian and restored them to their rightful place among the circus’ most hallowed acts.


Though predominantly brown in colour as a species… the rare and elusive white Siberian Tiger is a priceless jewel of the Carnival Nationz circus. Ordinary is discarded… beauty beyond compare… smooth as silk… a seamless montage of white and black that makes this cat one of the most treasured attractions in the Big Top.


Palm reading… tarot cards… gaze into my crystal ball and let me tell you your future… but always beware the gypsy!! Foreseer of life’s journey, mystical bender of time and space… the gypsy has long been associated with the circus. These wandering souls of nomadic ancestry, with secrets and powers passed down from generation to generation, have the skills to spellbind you with their prophetic ramblings. In the Big Top, we predict they will be a huge hit.


Defying the laws of gravity… hanging high overhead, these brave individuals balance and ability to maneuver at such heights with spine-tingling precision is frighteningly engrossing. We watch in awe… we breathe heavily with every step and movement… and we gasp at their death defying mid-air dangling tricks centre stage in the Big Top.


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