November 11, 2019

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These Are A Few Of My Favourite …..Designers!

These Are A Few Of My Favourite …..Designers!

When it comes to choosing THE perfect costume for Carnival we all have our individual bias and criteria which form our decision making process. Some people go with the heart, whichever costume they fall in love with that is the one they must have. Others are more selective, they look at colour, materials , price and even if the design is an asset to their assets. 
For me I tend to gravitate towards certain designers, even though there may be many other costumes that I am absolutely in like with. During my time playing in TRIBE and Bliss I have for the most part played in all of Monique Nobrega’s designs, save the year I played in  Mystery of Loulan . In fact I look forward to seeing what Monique brings every year and you can win a bet that I am going to play in one of her sections! I love Monique’s design ethic and the fact that she does a very good balance of pretty, sexy and moderate skimpiness! 
Monique is not the only designer who is one of my favourites, the following are the designers I would definitely consider when choosing a costume even though in all honesty Sandra Hordatt’s Frontlines are usually way too naked for me; I still LOVE her costumes though. This is not to say that I do not like or appreciate all of the other designers and section leaders in all the bands, but from a personal standpoint these are the designers that make my favored list .
Feel free to add YOUR favourite designer and designs.
Sandra Hordatt – 
Poison, Island People,TRIBE
Known For: 
*Making the wire bra a  tastefully sexy staple 
* Costumes that are both skimpy yet fabulously and unapologetically sexy.
*Having a Frontline line up featuring the best bodies in the band 
* Giving her  Frontline masqueraders “extra” goodies 
* Accessorising  the costume with re-wearable jewelry

My top two costumes from Sandra Hordatt – Goddess and Defenders and Kingfisher

Solange Shaw Gopaul  –
Known For :
* Being a perfectionist, no detail is left undone or unattended to.
*Catering to her masquerader’s special requests
*Costumes with hand crafted jewelry details and novel design elements.
* Backline costumes that are just as detailed and gorgeous as the Frontline.
*Meticulous and hardworking hands on section leader
My top two costumes from Solange Shaw Gopaul – Caged Canary  and Loulan

Peter Elias – 
Island Events, TRIBE
Known For:
*Providing  fashionable and tasteful covered options for masqueraders
* The LOADS of accessories that comes with the costume.
* Strong Male Costumes
*Couture Creativity 
*Costume quality
My top two costumes from Peter Elias – Mermaids and Warriors  and Masai Warrior

Crystal Amming Marcus – 
Poison, Island People and YUMA
Known For:
*Creativity in Costuming 
* Detail to both Backline and Frontline costumes
*Always “Bringing the Pretty”
*Winner of Poison’s “WOW” Award for the section Lantana in 2003
* Not afraid of using pastel colours like peach and lilac and making them edgy
My top two costumes from Crystal Amming  – Pride and Lantana
Monique Nobrega –
Poison, TRIBE, Bliss
Known For:
* Feminine and delicate costumes
* Modestly sexy  and classic designs 
* Affordable costume options 
* Nicknamed “Super Mo Mo” by me, because her designs are always consistently SUPER.
*Incorporating fabric pieces into costume design
My top two costumes from Monique Nobrega – Mayan Eagle and Kiskadee
Richard and Anthony Productions –
Poison, Island People, TRIBE, Spice, YUMA
Known For:
*Bling, Bling and even MORE Bling
*Feathers, Feathers, Feathers galore !
*Extravagant Costumes 
*Making the Monokini modern in mas
*Their stellar headpieces
My top two costumes from Richard and Anthony – Spangled Cotinga  and Taurus

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