June 16, 2019

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TRIBE Carnival 2013 Review

TRIBE Carnival 2013 Review

DISCLAIMER: The review following review was  sent in independently by patrons of a service or fete . Trinidad Carnival Diary  does not endorse the opinions of, or warrant the accuracy of facts or other Content contributed by,any third party.


Registration: A-

Although the crowd was huge at registration, I must say things were moving smoothly. There was an organised flow and there were drinks being served to waiting customers. Simple and easy…all I had to do was to sit back and have some patience. My only grievance was that there were no male costumes on display. TRIBE please include male prototypes in your showrooms, especially as your male costumes are now more elaborate.

 Collection: A++

I strongly urge TRIBE players in the future to pay off for their costume by December. This is what I did and I had fast track during collection. There was no bacchanal and confusion (which happens in some other bands). I was directed to a CSR where my costume was collected. I received my complimentary goodie bag and whoa what a bag it was…literally! Normally I do not fuss for these things as I consider them an extra and full of junk but this was really useful. It was a gym bag basically; with tribe flip flops, a TRIBE mug, A TRIBE water bottle and another cup. It also had coupons and other stuff which I am forgetting at the moment. I can see why masqueraders like TRIBE because of all the extra stuff they get. Product placement at its best! Not a deciding factor for me but I was very impressed.

 Costume: A-

I played in Kallimini male which I felt was the best costume in the band. On a whole I found that my section looked damn good…both male and female costumes were great! However, one of the chest bands was too big and when I came home I realised that I had two left sides for the wings. However I am a masman…so a scissors here and some wires here and my costume was road ready. A little magnatac was needed here and there for reinforcement, but the costume stayed intact during Tuesday. Good job TRIBE!

 Road Experience…both days: C

I still have mixed feelings here as I thought I would have had this grand experience since I was now playing in the legendary TRIBE. In the booklet, it was stated that the band would be moving off at 10:30am from Stanmore Avenue. When I got there at 10:30am sharp…there was no band. Everyone was confused. A few TRIBE workers were sitting by a wall and they could not give an exact location for the band. Eventually we saw a TRIBE DJ (well he was wearing a dj jersey) running towards Charlotte street. We followed him and lo and behold we found the band by Park and Charlotte. Now it seems that TRIBE sent the trucks to get in line for the stage crossing, but at least an email could have been sent letting people know this. When we crossed the stage there was some confusion. We were made to get into section….but wait!? Its Monday….who wears their costumes? So why get into section? Anya’s section crossed first but the rest of the band was still by the Royal Castle (offstage)….then the rest crossed….? I dunno what happened there? The rest of Monday was great but then it became quite apparent that TRIBE is too big! By the time 2:00pm came around, the band felt like 10,000 people. I also saw Bliss masqueraders in the band. Why separate the band into 2 bands but still allow Bliss masqueraders to jump in the band is beyond me. The drink trucks were also moving too fast. At one point we were running like bloody horses down Mucurapo road…really? 

The experience Tuesday was quite similar. The band was supposed to move off at 7:30am, but surprise surprise at 7:00am the band was nowhere to be found. Like Monday the trucks were already on Charlotte street where we received our breakfast, which was tasty actually (sada and aloo, turkey and whole wheat hops, doubles, supligen, nescafe coffee ( the cold one)). We all got into sections, but unfortunately because we were in front of the hospital, music could not be played……ummm NCC and NCBA…why change the route to Charlotte street where we had to wait forever with no music? Two years ago the bands moved perfectly up Frederick Street…LOUD STEUPS…fix it! Crossing the stage was lame because there were so many people, all you could do was jump on one spot. TRIBE is simply too big! Off course my wings got dented with the ensuing crush…I am not sure how the women with larger wings managed. The lunch stop was great…nice vibes, nice food, nice amenities. Tuesday afternoon, with what seemed like a million people, moving from Mucurapo road back to Woodbrook was scary, because the band is too big!

 Other things to note….drinks were flowing like mad! Sno cone was a nice touch. TRIBE definitely lived up to its name by having the BEST looking women and men I have seen in a band…..wheyyyyys clearly I need to hit the gym some more. However, did anyone get an afternoon snack because I could not find the truck in that tsunami of people? Security was also hard at work…excellent! 

Ultimately, my overall experience was a positive one, so I will give TRIBE an A. However, the ridiculous amount of people in the band along with BLISS visitors, WILL pose a health and safety issue in the future. Remember how big Poison was?! I would play in TRIBE again only if they continue on the path of strong and visually striking male costumes, otherwise I think this huge mega band is not for me.


See you guys on the road in 2014…

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