November 19, 2019

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VENOM Carnival sets the pace for Caribana 2018! (First Look of INKED)

VENOM Carnival sets the pace for Caribana 2018! (First Look of INKED)

Last Saturday, Venom Carnival made history with the launch of their highly anticipated theme “INKED”, starting the season ahead of major players in Toronto Caribbean Carnival formerly known as Caribana.

The year 2018 being Venom Carnival’s sophomore year, the band is expected to grow in numbers attracting a new market, bringing back vivacious energy and an epic experience to the streets of Toronto.

INKED is a celebration of colour, tattoos, fabrics and creativity. Venom presented 14 sections with designs from Hayden Joseph the brainchild of Venom Carnival, Daryl Cox aka Designing Daryl, Sugarcane Designs, Allure Carnival, Shane Ramnarine, Rebelline Designs and 2getheras1.

It was a big night as Hakwai TO (Toronto) made their debut in Venom Carnival bringing youthful exuberance, vibes and their renowned “Trini energy” to influence new road experiences to Caribana!

The buzz is definitely on the ground in Toronto as “Venom” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue as THE band for Caribana 2018. Aneil Persad the second half of Venom Carnival wants all masqueraders to be part of this new movement and awesome new experiences.

Expect top class entertainment on the road from the likes of Nic Pena from Trinidad, Mazel the Sound Master, Shal Marshall, KI and the band and many more.

Be sure to look out for celebrities, both local and foreign, passing through the band. You just never know what can happen and who you might be jumping next to in Venom.

Enough of the chatter here’s your first look at INKED.

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