November 19, 2019

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Wire Bras, Where To Get Them?

Wire Bras, Where To Get Them?

For some reason I have been getting a record number of emails asking where to get wire bras! Ladies want this in place of their regular costume bra while others want to wear it on Monday.
Now, I will say that getting information on the wire benders in Trinidad that actually make the bras is harder than pulling teeth! When I ask around the designers want me to send potential clients to them, acting as middlemen. The result is I am not in direct contact of a locally based wire bender who will create a bra for you. But, I am working on getting the names or if you want a “middle man”, who will charge you extra for this service I might add, email me at
The irony in all this is while local designers want to keep this information top secret you can easily order and buy custom wire bra frames online from Samba Costumes , and Posto9
This young lady bought her wire bra, worn at Trinidad Carnival 2010, from Samba Costumes:
The only caveat in buying these frames is that you will need to decorate them yourself or find someone to decorate it for you.

Alternately there is a group on facebook offering decorated corsets and wire bras as well, check them out Custom Made Corsets and Carnival Supplies.  New York based designer Akin Ross is also on facebook and he does wire bras as well, example of his work below:

Isis – Ramajay Mas

Good luck!

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