November 11, 2019

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*Yawn*.. where is the excitement??

*Yawn*.. where is the excitement??

As this weekend bring the last of the band launches, in a VERY long Band Launching season, with Legacy’s launch on Saturday we are still awaiting the websites of Trini Revellers,Masquerade and Genesis all of which seem to be “offline” at the moment. At this point I have no idea how to find Genesis or Masquerade’s mas camp to go in and take a look in lieu of waiting on photos on the website for a close view as there is no information out there.

I have to admit that with the incredibly long list of band launches coming one behind the next after Island People both my excitement and interest waned considerably for the subsequent band launches. Sorry to say , but I am going through a period of utter boredom when it comes to band launches hence the reason why Brian Mc Farlane’s launch on Saturday morning was such a welcome departure from the same old routine that I had been experiencing since the first weekend in July.

In fact as Carnival is approaching in just about 4 months I feel a general waning of excitment overall. The two big bands have not only launched but are completely SOLD OUT and save for a few sections gone in Harts none of the other bands are even close to selling out despite what we have been reading about “sections going fast”. The trend these days seems to be a mas camp lime or bus limes to generate public interest in flagging Carnival bands. However, to be quite honest, I think the die hard masqueraders are already registered in the popular bands of their choice and the ones who the bands are waiting on now are those who are still not sure what band they want to play with anyway… who predicts that we will have several of the numerous Carnival bands barely selling out a couple sections come February? There are simply TOO MANY bands at this point competing for the same number of straggling masqueraders with the same variations of costumes, two bands even have the identical headpiece in different colours!

Ronnie & Caro
Wee International
Pulse 8
Dream Team
Trevor Wallace
Image Nation
Trini Revellers,
D Krewe.

Legacy, Brian Mc Farlane and Harts all have their devout masqueraders who will play with them regardless of what else is out there.

In addition many people overseas have expressed to me that the credit crunch and financial crisis is affecting them as well, and if not for having their ticket to Trinidad and costume already paid for they would not have bothered to make the trip for Carnival. I await to see how the fetes are affected by people visiting with less money to spend on the ever rising cost of parties.

Adding to the boredom factor is that I, along with several other masqueraders, have already checked the must have items off the list ,like footwear and makeup for instance ,though I am still working on complete Monday wear as I only have part of the ensemble. The problem I think is that the build up to Carnival started way too early this year, I am burnt out, by months and months of pre-band launching media and introduction launches followed swiftly by a series of non stop band launches all through July and August.. by September I did not want to go to any more, too tired!

So, to inject a shot of stimulation to the cooling Carnival fever this morning here is a little bit of a brain teaser for you: which Carnival Band touting the fact that they had a deadline to meet is rumoured to have not even made a deposit for paying their suppliers to start production on costumes?? And, on the flip side which Carnival Band has completed production for several sections ALREADY ??? I tell you, that is the difference between a newbie and a veteran in this business!!!

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