June 16, 2019

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YUMA Cirque Carnival 2014 – The Review

YUMA Cirque Carnival 2014 – The Review

Since inception YUMA has earned the reputation of being the band to watch for stunning costumes that fit a theme. For two years their designers wowed us with Zodiac and Press Play (hands down their best presentation). However in 2013 they lost part of their design team, coupled with a very abstract theme the costumes failed to impress as in the past and the critics were out in full force seeing a mass exodus of “YUMARADERS” to other bands.

2014, the year of redemption.

Personally, I think YUMA had a point to prove this year, the one where they show that they CAN still deliver in the costume department and shut up the critics. Cirque provides a very strong base upon which to work  their theme seeing that the Cirque du Soleil shows were used for “inspiration”. I have been eagerly anticipating the costumes from the time the theme was revealed and though I did expect a much more literal manifestation of theme in the band as a whole, I think YUMA went the safer route and chose to focus on the WOW factor of feathers, colour and VERY heavy on the pretty. Kudos to giving the new, young designers a chance.

Now , on to the review.

Dralion – The Flaming Dragon

Two things work in this costume for me, the colour combination and the details in the decoration though the overall design is not ground  breaking or new. I have seen the construction style (shape of bra, headpiece, belt) in quite possibly every band so far, but  I love that the printed feathers in the headpiece, touches of black fringe and the actual bra decor on the frontline coupled with the orange, red and yellow gives an Asian vibe in the little details. Note to the designers however, the black fringe on the front of the belt of the frontline has to go! In pictures it looks like…. a tuft of hair. The male costume could have done with an actual dragon headpiece, and if backline comes with that large headpiece as standard I would also be impressed.



O – The Hypnotist

Again the backline headpiece, bra and belt are very well decorated, I am partial to the shape of the backline headpiece, nicely done. The theme is only barely reflected in the colour scheme but the frontline is very pretty, can’t fault the bling and feather factor. Thank God it is not another wire bra monokini, at least the girls with larger than a D cup get options for frontline.



Amaluna – The Sovereign Temptress

This would be MY costume if I were to choose to play in YUMA. It is all sorts of gorgeous! First I am loving the aqua and copper colour combination for the body wear plus the  cut out style of the bra attached to the neckline, add the fact that it is a liberating decorated panty; right up my alley in all elements. Then we have more feathers on the headpiece and even more on the backpack with added  coque in red, purple tipped pheasants and dreamy aqua plumes, pure feather perfection in how they are matched. I am just slightly confused that both costumes presented at the launch for female look like a frontline with two versions, both very well done. Even the male gets the feather love with that mohawk headpiece. Amaluna – 10 hands down.


1157404_10151710405470777_1538887524_n (2)

Ka – The Fiery Beast

So lets just say upfront that this heavily channels LEO of Zodiac in the headpiece for both male and female frontline . The use of the monokini does not help in escaping the Leo reference either. That being said it is a cute take on the Lion tamer theme (loving the whip) and I like the print used on the monokini. Male costume is pretty descent as well and I get where they were going with the Individual  and the top hat headpiece, they just needed to take it a little further in my opinion.



Kooza – The Jesters

If it was not for the male headpiece looking like a jester, this section would sorely be a misrepresentation of theme as there is nothing about the female that relates. Pretty colours, pretty costume, pretty options for backline but also pretty generic as well.



 Quidam – The Dreamer

While I do like the colour combination of this costume and the backpack for the frontline the fringe is my least favourite aspect of this costume. TOO MUCH FRINGE! I look at the frontline body wear and really want to like it but all I can see are chunky, unflattering layers of fringe that makes the model look shapeless. The backline is pretty cute.



Mystere –  The Chamelon

I LOVE this section if only because if you look at a poster for Mystere and compare it to the costume, you immediately see the translation in the colours and shape of the headpiece. This is one of two sections I think captured the theme within the prettiness of the bikini and beads genre. I love it, gets a 10 for sure.



La Nouba – The Misfits.

10. That’s all.

Ok, this is my favourite section because to me it is the one that captures the “cirque” theme perfectly . Love it or hate it you don’t have to play in this section to appreciate the fact that the designers actually put some thought and creativity into the conceptualisation of this costume. Even the critics saying it looks like a “clown costume” , guess what, the fact that you GET the clown reference to the Circus means the designers did their job.This is also an example of a costume that can get away with lack of bling or jewel encrusted bras since the contrast and impact is manifested with the stripes, harlequin and neon gems into playful, whimsical fantasy. Certainly not a section or costume for everyone, I can see you either love or hate it, but it is original as I have never seen a costume  done like this before – 10!!!!!!!



Soleil – The Scorcher

Another pretty but generic costume. Repeat what was said for Kooza.



Totem – The Guiding Spirits

First, lets give thanks that the designers did NOT make this a Native American Indian costume. I absolutely LOVE the frontline body wear. Also liking the colour combination, it popped on the model at night so this is going to look amazing in the sun.  The male costume is pretty sad and I am not feeling the shape of the backline belt, however if that headpiece size  is standard it pushes the section into a 10 for me.



Alegria – The Illusionist

That frontline monokini is just too much; too much gems swallowing the model’s torso in another unflattering shape. I prefer the Individual monokini and headpiece and backpack, much more effective and flattering. That male costume chest piece….interesting! Would love to see the tan lines on that post Carnival.



Varekai – Enchanted Creatures

I admit when I first saw this costume I was a bit critical of the halfway decorated bra and the coral linked metal chain used on the necklace and under wear that to me looked a little  like “cheap” plastic. However taking a step back and looking at the costume holistically it looks much better than I initially thought. And as much as I wish the spider panty would die a swift death, they did give the backline the option to be on trend in this section. The Individual for this costume (or frontline with wire bra not sure what is that option) is very stunning with the colour combination.



Immortal – The Legend

Oh how do I love thee! This frontline is just wicked and you need the wicked body to pull it off as well! The metal strips that make up the bra is genius, I LOVE the shape and it is very very very much on trend with Rio Carnival 2013 that saw an explosion of the high waist, high cut skimpy bottom. Add in a pop of red, nude,brown, and tan coque with a ton of pheasants and I am sold . Strange enough I also adore the backline with the jewelled headpiece. Gorgeous section overall. 10!!!!



Cue the stampede of the prodigal masqueraders  back to YUMA as these costumes are certified HOT!!!! I am not going to say where they rank in all we have seen so far BUT for me if I were choosing on costume ONLY the choice would be between YUMA and one other band.

I am very pleased that masqueraders have so many choices for great costumes for 2014 and that now the anxiety of rushing to sign up in a band just to get a “spot” in a costume you may not like could be eliminated. Going forward it is nice to have options and the time to make up your mind and not feel like you are getting short changed on costume. The power is yours.

Love it!










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